Welcome Guangming team to our company for visits and exchanges


October 17, autumn wind blowing, Guangming team came to our company to visit and exchange. In the morning, the company arranged for the driver to go to Nanjing Lukou Airport to receive …… 【查看详细】

Autumn Animal Epidemic Disease Prevention and Control in Nannong High-Tech Animal Pharmaceutical Industry Pu Hui "Zhongzhou" Action-Jiyuan Station


In mid-autumn and October, the cold weather in Zhongzhou and the outbreak of "African swine fever" make the breeding industry feel worse. How to prepare for it? How to ensure the safety …… 【查看详细】

Nanjing Zhirun Welcomes Foreign Customers-Philippine Investigation Mission


On the basis of continuously developing and consolidating the domestic market, Nanjing Zhirun actively expands overseas markets. On the morning of September 18, eight people from the Ph …… 【查看详细】

Announcement of three departments on the detection of African swine fever virus in processing and circulation links


strictly prevent epidemic pig products from entering the food processing and circulation links, safeguard the vital interests of the people and ensure the healthy development of pig ind …… 【查看详细】



Jiangsu Nanjing Agricultural University HI-TECH animal pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in September 2004, with registered capital o …… 【查看详细】


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